Essence of Hartland and Eco-Craft create eco-friendly packaging

We're always delighted to hear about Made in Britain members working together, especially when that connection was made through the Made in Britain network. In this feature, we hear how Essence of Hartland collaborated with Eco-Craft Ltd to create environmentally friendly packaging with biodegradable clear wrap. 

How did the partnership come about?

As a new business focused on creating eco friendly home fragrances, we wanted to also find the right kind of packaging that met our core values. We discovered Eco-Craft who are also members of Made in Britain, and produce exactly what we were looking for; eco-packaging and biodegradable clear wrap

What advantages have you found of working in partnership with another member, or members?

The biggest advantage of working in partnership with another member of Made in Britain is the ability to find British made materials and discuss our requirements directly with key decision makers. It provides us with confidence that we are doing what we can to maintain our British made ethos as well as our eco brand values.

How has the partnership benefited your, and your partner’s businesses?

Our partnership with Eco-Craft has benefited our business because we are able to provide our customers with well-thought packaging. We are also able to educate consumers about alternatives to the usual plastics that you would find surrounding similar products on shelves around the world.

A direct benefit for us as a business is the ability to collaborate on exciting and new packaging ideas that may not be possible from what is typically available from other providers.

The benefits are not necessarily directly associated to our businesses but are more directed to the environment and consumer eduction.

Did being a Made in Britain member help make the connection with your partner(s)?

Being a Made in Britain member enabled us to discover Eco-Craft and other members who we would not have found otherwise. Without the ability to search through the directory of members, we might not have found the perfect business to partner with.

What advice would you give to other members seeking a similar partnership from within Made in Britain membership?

Be brave and ask the questions, you want to ensure you find the right member to partner with. Don’t assume your requirements are either too basic, expensive or unachievable.

"Eco-craft's products allow us to creatively package our products in a sustainable way. Finding a partnership from within Made in Britain enabled us to provide our customers with eco-conscious packaging solutions. "

We’re thrilled that members of Made in Britain can find each other and connect to help their businesses thrive. If you have collaborated with another Made in Britain member, we would love to feature your story. Please get in touch at 

Made in Britain is here to support every UK manufacturer to advance your progress on sustainability.  The Made in Britain’s Green Growth Assessment provides your business with a benchmark, so you can understand the progress your business is making in sustainability. By completing the Green Growth Assessment, you will be enabling and empowering your business to progress its sustainability journey and joining a cohort of more sustainable, more resilient and more competitive businesses. Read more about the Green Growth Assessment here.


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