Hugo & Otto achieves accreditation from Made in Britain

PET products manufacturer Hugo & Otto was established in 2014 out of its founder’s love of dogs and background in interior design. It has now been accredited by Made in Britain.

Knowing and understanding fabric design and the manufacturing process when creating products is important when designing a dog bed as, according to Hugo & Otto, they will be put to the stress test more than the average fireside chair.

Caroline Bate, director of Hugo & Otto, told Made in Britain, “Working alongside British fabric suppliers and makers who want you to be a success is key to our British design heritage. Working closely with them means that we understand their supply chain, their sustainability and carbon footprint. We can offer bespoke sizing and supply British fabrics with outstanding technical abilities.

“We are super proud to be accredited by the Made in Britain organisation. Made in Britain links us all in British manufacturing to a purpose for doing good for others; in keeping our country's time-honoured craftsmanship alive and by offering young makers and our future entrepreneurs’ inspiration and a start. Organisations like Made in Britain are the matriarch of our collective businesses and can get us all together in blogs, events, webinars to share our experiences, offer mentoring and future business, it is a recognised badge of pride and honour within Great Britain.”

Hugo & Otto will use the official Made in Britain mark on its email correspondence, its website and Caroline says she we will sing the praises of the organisation strategically within our social media posts. Thanks, Caroline! Find out more about Hugo & Otto from its members’ directory profile page here and its website here.

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