Innovative stainless steel pendant supports mental wellbeing

A captivating blend of fashion and function, the stainless steel twisted tube pendant is proving to be a simple yet powerful tool to alleviate symptoms of anxiety. Aptly named 'The Breathe', the pendant is crafted from 316-grade stainless steel by Dorset-based manufacturers Timeless Tube. Supporting users with gentle inhales and extended exhales, The Breathe facilitates a natural reduction in anxiety symptoms and a promotes a sense of calm. 

“At Timeless we’re deeply invested in the importance of good mental health. When we discovered how these simple yet effective pendants have been helping people we were touched,” says Timeless Tube Managing Director, Tom McMillan. “We have since donated 100 of The Breathe pendants to kick-start Hera’s awareness campaign”, continues McMillan. “Stress touches all of us, no matter what industry we work in. We are glad to support Hera’s mission.” 

The manufacturer, Timeless Tube, are best renowned for their uniquely shaped architectural and marine rails, which they custom-make for British and overseas clients alike. Their stainless steel and brass twisted tubes have been specified by award-winning interior designers and architects, and seen in some of the world’s most prestigious department stores in recent months. The Breathe pendant, formed from one of Timeless Tube’s smallest tubes to date, puts their twisted profile to a very different use. 

Amanda Clarke, Director of Hera Mindful Healing, elaborates on the pendant's efficacy: "The principle of controlled breathwork is rooted in ancient meditation practices. However, what sets The Breathe apart is its discreet design, aesthetic appeal, and accessibility. It offers a tangible solution for integrating calm into daily life." 

Clarke explains: "Rhythmic breathing is scientifically proven to lower stress hormones, providing a pathway to inner peace. The tubular design of The Breathe enables wearers to regulate airflow, offering solace in moments of distress without reliance on medication." 

Testimonials from diverse users affirm the pendant's versatility and effectiveness, including one user who recounts how The Breathe provided invaluable support during a medical procedure, preventing a panic attack and enabling her to undergo the examination calmly. 

Moreover, the popularity of The Breathe extends beyond British borders, with customers purchasing the pendant from overseas, underscoring its global appeal while highlighting British innovation and craftsmanship. 

Profits from the sale of The Breathe pendants will fund Hera Mindful Healing's provision of free counselling and support, addressing a critical gap in anxiety treatment services. Clarke emphasises Hera's commitment to inclusivity: "Every individual deserves the opportunity to heal and thrive, regardless of financial barriers. Proceeds from The Breathe will not only empower individuals to manage anxiety naturally but also enable us to extend mindful therapy to those in need." 
Hera Mindful Healing is encouraging any interested health-care providers and wellbeing services to get in touch for a sample of The Breathe pendant. 

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