Karas Plating qualifies for membership of Made in Britain

LEIGH-based metal finishers Karas Plating Ltd has been accepted in the Made in Britain network.

Karas Plating provides an extensive range of quality-assured electroplating, surface coating and metal finishing processes to clients across the UK. Services include: anodising, iridite, nickel plating – electroless, zinc-nickel plating, silver plating, zinc plating, tin plating, manganese phosphate, copper plating and gold plating.

Ian Molyneaux, Karas' Technical Sales Manager, told Made in Britain, “We are committed to supporting the growth of British manufacturing and industry across the country by adding our brand of electroplating and metal finishing services to our customer-supplied products. Being a member of Made in Britain makes us feel proud that we are helping raise awareness of British manufacturing.

Karas Plating will be using the official Made in Britain mark on its literature, advertising products and in the promotion of its business. Find out more about Karas Plating from its members' directory profile page here and its website here.


By Made in Britain 11 months ago | Made in Britain news

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