LINIAN is Switching to Sustainable Packaging

For the last few years, LINIAN products have been packaged in plastic pouches. The plastic pouch designs were informative, strong enough to support the clips without the barbs poking through, and easy for the installer to use. These pouches had many advantages, and we know many of our customers loved them (check out some great installer pictures and feedback on our Instagram page @linanclip).   

However, we knew we could do better.  

At LINIAN, we pride ourselves on our ability to solve industry challenges, reduce inefficiencies and raise standards of safety and compliance across the board. We believe every aspect of our business should live up to the same high standards that our customers expect from our products.   

That’s why LINIAN is switching to sustainable packaging.

We don’t believe in settling for okay.   

As a business, we recognise that we must be as socially and environmentally responsible as possible and do our bit to eliminate single-use plastics. So, this year, we set out to find a better solution for our packaging.   

Over the past few months, the LINIAN team has been looking into alternative packaging options. Our research included bio-degradable, compostable, and plant-based options of various shapes and sizes. Through this research, MANY samples, and many more supplier consultations, we realised that some solutions only sound great in theory. However, they can have hidden downsides in reality.

For example, bioplastics can involve clearing rainforests to grow the crops. They may also have a high carbon footprint when you consider transporting materials into the UK.   

It’s all a bit of a minefield.   

For the team at LINIAN, it has been a steep learning curve navigating the best materials and finishes, making sure the updated packaging suits the needs of our installers and wholesale partners, and ensuring it is a genuinely sustainable solution… We’ve been working on this project while facing fluctuating material prices and significant price hikes, with quotes changing on an almost weekly basis. We’re sure everyone in the industry has felt the sting of price increases over the last year. We’re not alone.

It wasn’t easy, but in the end, we think we got there!

We’re ready to launch our new, improved packaging this month. We’re excited about it, but more importantly, we hope our customers will love it as much as we do. 

The new LINIAN packaging material is environmentally friendly recycled cardboard. It is locally sourced here in the UK from recycled materials and can be easily recycled again after use.  

Key features:  

– Made from recycled materials  

– Fully recyclable    

Made in Britain (minimising carbon footprint)  

– Informative and easy to use  

The new design also looks pretty incredible, if we say so ourselves!   

In addition to the eco-friendly material, the new design takes up less storage space, requires less outer packaging and postage materials and saves valuable retail shelf space. LINIAN stockists will be able to fit more of the newly packaged products onto their in-store point of sale displays. It’s a win for the environment, our customers and our wholesale partners. 

Wondering what the new packaging will look like? 

We’re not giving away the design just yet… For more info and news on the LINIAN’s sustainability journey (hint: we aren’t finished yet!), you can follow LINIAN‘s social channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube) and you’ll see sneak peeks of the new designs very soon…  

For more information, email, or give the LINIAN sales team a call on 0141 465 4858. 

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