Manufacturers and artists can receive up to 200,000 euros through Better Factory collaboration

THE Better Factory initiative provides opportunities for manufacturing SMEs to collaborate with artists to develop new and personalised products. It also supplies technology for SMEs to become capable of manufacturing new and personalised products alongside existing ones.

If you work with artists, or have considered doing so, to help re-invent and re-design your products, Better Factory could lead to a significant cash injection for all parties: artist, manufacturer and technology partner. 

The programme has funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. There will be 16 pilot schemes across Europe and each scheme will receive up to 200,000 euros, comprising up to 100,000 for the manufacturer, 50,000 for the artists, and 50,000 for a technology provider.

Camilla Hadcock (left), director of Roach Bridge Tissues and member of the Made in Britain board, said, "Roach Bridge Tissues has been involved in various arts projects in Lancashire and Roach Bridge was one of the first hosts for the Art in Manufacturing project. Anything that encourages greater collaboration between the arts and creative communities and the manufacturing sector deserves support. The financial incentive here is amazing but our experience is that working with artists brings ideas and opportunities that we would have never imagined before we got together."

To be in with a chance of accessing some of this funding you need to submit an initial 'expression of interest’ before 18 March 2021. Do that by filling in this form:

If you apply to join the Better Factory initiative, please let us know how you get on. We’d love to hear from members who benefit from working with artists and transform their business. Email

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