Marketing your business with a Laser System

Using lasers to market your brand

While standard practice is to send a logo-bearing pen or notepad, brands are now becoming even more creative, broadening the scope of branded promotional goods and gifts that they send out to prospective and existing customers. In this article, we are going to explore some of the ways that a laser engraving machine can be utilised to create promotional goods and gifts, and the benefits of bringing this function in house with your very own laser marking system such as the N-Lase.


We write a lot on our blog about the benefits that laser marking machines bring to industries such as manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, where marking assets is often a legal requirement and lasers provide an excellent in-house solution to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

In commercial business, as with many things in life, first impressions can make all the difference. In a highly competitive market, it is crucial for businesses to stand out and to stay in the front of their customer's mind. Better yet, if business's can turn their customer's journey into an experience they will remember, they will not only keep coming back but they will share their experience with their peers.


The list of possibilities with a laser engraver is pretty large! The surface you wish to engrave will influence the type of laser system you need - be it, fiber or Co2 - but their potential is impressive. Here are some ideas:

  • Glasses and tumblers
  • Coasters - slate, glass, wood
  • Keyrings
  • Pens
  • Water bottles - glass, plastic, metal
  • Paperweights - glass, plastic, metal
  • Mugs


Well, yes, you could. But bringing the creation of promotional goods in house provides a lot of benefits:

You have greater control over the marking process and the finished product - we have all been there, where we have ordered something to be personalised or printed and it hasn't turned out how it was advertised, or there is an error. But by this point, money has been spent and potentially wasted. Having a laser engraving machine means that you can test different finishes until you find one you're happy with.

Want to change your logo or design? No problem - just update your vector file and you're good to go. No need to worry about what you're going to do with all of those leftover pens with the wrong logo on.

Allows you to get creative - the possibilities with a laser engraving machine are endless, whether it's colour marking stainless steel, annealing for a super smooth finish or marking a QR code onto a coffee flask. Get creative!

For businesses, personalised laser engraving products are a great way to help  maintain long-lasting relationships with customers. Such goods can be given to new customers once they sign up to a service, or in addition to a product they recently purchased. They can also be given to regular customers during special events as a means of reconnecting with them, or they can just be given away freely in the hopes of attracting new clients.

Whether for corporate or personal clients, a service that offers laser engraving of promotional items can provide superior products due to the benefits of laser technology over traditional engraving methods. Laser engraving is remarkably flexible and is capable of a variety of designs at different levels of detail. It is the ultimate personalisation tool as it can accommodate engraving jobs of any number, on a wide range of materials, and on any orientation or surface geometry.

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