Milksafes achieves Made in Britain accreditation and its master fitter tells its story

MILK delivery protector-maker Milksafes has achieved accreditation from the Made in Britain organisation. The Telford-based parent company, Extraglaze, has been making doorstep safes for 20 years.

Nic Irvine, master fitter at Extraglaze, told Made in Britain, “I've submitted a news article [click here to read it] which describes recent success and our history. In addition, I would like to share with other Made in Britain members my experience of marketing. We think of ourselves as reasonably good at achieving a great Google ranking - and without paying anybody anything. It does help significantly that we offer a niche product. But when customers use Amazon as often as they do, and of course ebay, this causes considerable grief for people who look there for a product like ours, but find nothing. We tried listing our product on ebay - purely for brand exposure. In our case, nobody wanted to buy a standard product from us. Customers are surprisingly ready to spend quite a decent amount of money, over £100, for a custom solution.

“So ebay was never a successful outlet for us, and just added a bill to pay every month. We think trying to sell through Amazon would be the same experience for us. Consequently, any potential customers trawling Amazon for a solution like ours will not find us. Maybe other Made in Britain members have a similar story, but got some kind of ebay or Amazon solution working for them anyway?

“Quite simply it feels good to be part of the Made in Britain organisation! Milksafes sit very comfortably in with the marque. Milkmen, and women, are unique to the UK. Our customers like the idea of really fresh milk, believing it is less processed and almost certainly tastier, supporting local farmers and using re-usable glass bottles instead of plastic. I think Made in Britain has the same ‘it feels right’ factor, and to see the Made in Britain mark on our website just rubber stamps our customer's decision, where ‘everything feels right about my purchase’.”

“We're just about to add the official Made in Britain mark to our website. We are new members, so we are not sure yet if to invest in additional product marking etc. We don't sell our product from a shop window, by handling it, or packaging for example, so additional use of the logo might just knock up the sales price.”

For more information about Milksafes see its members' directory profile page here and its website here.

By Made in Britain 11 months ago | Made in Britain news

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