Department of International Trade is the UK government department responsible for championing open and fair global trading that drives growth, creates better jobs and higher wages, and improves living standards in this country and around the world.

Naturally Tribal Skincare Ltd is delighted to be once again chosen as 2022 – 2023 Export Champion by the Department for International Trade (DIT). 

Export Champions are a key pillar of DIT’s export strategy. By being part of the Export Champion community, we help to create a movement that inspires more UK companies to grow through international sales and increase their exports.

Export Champions are an appointed community of business leaders that work in partnership with DIT to inspire and encourage more UK businesses to sell their goods and services to the world. The community is currently formed of over 400 business leaders across England, 49 of which are based in the South East.  

Ben Raby, DIT’s Head of Trade in the South East, said: 

“As influential voices in the business community, DIT Export Champions play a pivotal role in encouraging and inspiring more UK businesses to sell overseas.  By sharing their experience and expertise, the network helps other businesses realise there is a global demand for their products or services and that whilst there might be some challenges ahead, there is help and support available”

Many companies don’t realise the export potential of their products or services. Others think exporting is too difficult. With the help of the Department of International Trade, we have learned to believe in ourselves and our potential, enabling us to break down our barriers and change our approach to exporting internationally.

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