NEW LINIAN NanoClip™ - For FIBRE cables and other small diameter cables

INTRODUCING THE NEW LINIAN NanoClip™ – an incredibly strong and invisibly small solution for installing fibre cables and other small diameter cables. 

The NanoClip™ is a fire-safe, 18th Edition compliant cable clip designed to fit 2mm and 3mm Fibre Optic cables, hearing loop cables and other small diameter cables. The NanoClip™ is suitable for domestic, commercial, and industrial use and ideal for any installation where a faster, safer, simpler… and smaller solution is needed.     

This new range marks a pivotal moment in the LINIAN business success story as the first ‘innovation to order’ products developed through LINIAN Labs (LINIAN’s sister-business specialising in product development). The NanoClip™ was created specifically for a leading fibre cable installation company as a direct response to the industry need for a safe, discreet and easy way to install fibre cables.  

The NEW LINIAN NanoClip™ has already been trialled very successfully and approved by two major companies in the fibre cable installation industry. Now, LINIAN is bringing it to the wider market.   

 NanoClip™ Features 

  • 18th Edition compliant cable clip
  • Secure, single-component design
  • Quick & easy installation
  • No plastic  
  • Melt point >1200°C
  • No plugs, screws or washers needed
  • Corrosion-Resistant, UV Stable Coating
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Discreet and barely visible
  • Made in Britain 

The NanoClip™ can still be installed in 3 easy steps:  

1.Drill a hole in the substrate. LINIAN suggest a Ø3mm hole at a depth of 16mm.                        

2. Insert the cable into the OPEN side of the clip. Make sure it stays seated in the side with the OPENING (Note: this is a different method to other LINIAN clips).  

3. Push it in with the CLOSED area of the clip facing into the wall.  The NanoClip™ has a barbed design that allows it to grip the substrate for a secure fixing. Once inserted into the substrate, the lip of the clip will click into place to secure the cable.  

Product Details  

The NanoClip™ is available in white, black and brown colours in two sizes to suit 2mm or 3mm cables.   

  • NanoClip™, White, 2mm, (Product code: 1LCW002)  
  • NanoClip™, White, 3mm (Product code: 1LCW003)
  • NanoClip™, Black, 2mm (Product code: 1LCB002)  
  • NanoClip™, Black, 3mm (Product code: 1LCB003)  
  • NanoClip™, Brown, 2mm (Product code: 1LCBR002)  
  • NanoClip™, Brown, 3mm (Product code: 1LCBR003) 

Order Now! 

The NanoClip™ is available online and through official LINIAN stockists now. Check out the LINIAN stockist map to find your local supplier.

Order through participating Voltimum Plus partners including CEF, KEW Electrical, Shop 4 Electrical and Medlock Electrical Distributors and earn free rewards when you shop. 

For more information, call 0141 465 4858. 

Find out more about LINIAN on their member profile page here

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