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If we told you our member of the month has a 97% profile score and has ordered 250 Made in Britain stickers, you might think they’ve been with us for years. In fact, Airflow Environmental only joined us in May and is already seizing every opportunity that comes with membership. 

Showing pride in British provenance 

Home to over 30,000 square ft of modern manufacturing space, Airflow Environmental HQ is where products are built to last. From its Sheffield base, the team makes Industrial Ovens, Laboratory Ovens, Spray Booths and Controlled Environment Enclosures for industrial applications. 

The company’s been around for 30 years, and when Sales Manager, Chris Tonks, came on board he immediately wanted to advertise its rich heritage. He says: “We develop, manufacture and export specialist products in Britain - that’s something we need to be shouting about. “

“The Made in Britain mark allows us to show the world that our products are solidly built and reliable - all big selling points for our international clientele. We’re really pleased to have found a way to share our pride in being high-quality, British manufacturers.”

Taking advantage of membership

Airflow Environmental isn’t just using the mark for the benefit of its customers - Chris also believes highlighting its Made in Britain membership is a strategic marketing opportunity. 

He says: “Since joining, we’ve applied the mark to everything from our social media channels to the actual products. The reason we’ve done this is to encourage conversations with other members. Because they can see straight away that we’re a fellow member, we feel it opens doors for reciprocal business deals.”

“We’re looking forward to connecting with other members on social media and at events, not only to share experiences, but to form long-lasting relationships as well.”

If you’ve connected with another Made in Britain member, email to share your story with our community. 


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