Rub-A-Dub Dub, Brits take smartphones into the tub!

At a time when self-care is more important than ever before, a third of Brits cannot put their smartphones down even when enjoying a bath.

A new study by the UK’s leading sponge producer, Ramer Sponges, has revealed that digital devices are now a part of our bath time routine. Out of 2,000 UK adults who enjoy a bath regularly, 33% of people use a smartphone with 64% of the total respondents being female.  

To mark International Bath Day (14th June 2021), Ramer conducted the study via OnePoll to discover the UK’s bathing habits. Whilst it has uncovered that Brits can’t bear to part with their smartphones, even when they are taking a soak, some of the other findings are also surprising.

It seems it’s not just our digital devices joining us in the bath, as research reveals taking a bath is not necessarily a single pursuit. 24% of respondents bathe with a partner and 9% have sex in the bath, indicating that baths can play an important role when it comes to romance. Briton’s don’t just bathe with their partners. 9% bathe with their children and 5% even bathe with a pet!   

The last 12 months have been testing, with 56% of UK adults having experienced symptoms of stress and anxiety during the pandemic (source: The Health Foundation). Ramer’s survey has revealed that many of us have been taking care of ourselves at home whilst facilities such as spas, gyms and leisure centres have been closed. 58% of respondents indicated that their main reason for indulging in a bath was to simply relax. 27% listen to music or a podcast, 25% like to get lost in a good book and 10% meditate whilst taking a soak.

In a time-poor culture, it seems that we are still making self-care and periods of relaxation a priority in everyday life with respondents spending on average 23 minutes in the bath. 78% of people confirmed that they feel relaxed after taking a bath, 35% feel happy, 33% feel recharged and 25% feel uplifted.

Analysing what people use to wash themselves with in the bath, Ramer discovered more than a quarter of people choose a bath sponge, a traditional bath time favourite. Sponges are paired with common bath products with 61% using bubble bath, 61% using soap or shower gel and 52% using shampoo.

Paul Lloyd-Smith at Ramer Sponges comments that the findings give a fascinating insight into modern day bathing habits.

Paul said: “To celebrate International Bath Day this year, we wanted to dive deep into Britain’s bathing habits and what we have found out has truly surprised us. For many of us, the bathroom is still seen as a bit of a sanctuary, a place for ‘me time’, but it’s been fascinating to see that for some, that means combining our relaxing soak with scrolling on a screen.  Many of us might also assume that bathing is a lone activity, but our findings suggest that it can be quite sociable. 10% of us even chat on the phone whilst in the bath and 13% talk to other members of the household who are physically in the bathroom too!”

Paul continued: “Ramer’s sponges have been a bath time staple for over 70 years, and we’re delighted to hear that bath sponges are still a popular choice amongst bath lovers. With people feeling happy, recharged and uplifted after taking a bath, we encourage everyone to take some time out this International Bath Day, run a bath and take a relaxing soak.”

Ramer Sponges is the UK’s leading manufacturer of super soft and super absorbent sponge products for beauty and body care. Made from a magic material that dries hard to help prevent the growth of bacteria on the sponges, these hypo allergenic, machine washable sponges are available via department stores, superstores, high street beauty retailers, independent chemists and

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