Officially Made in Britain

We're officially recognised as the organisation that represents 1000s of British manufacturers with one, registered, protected collective mark.

THE famous and versatile Made in Britain marque is a trade mark and is registered with the Intellectual Property Office as trade mark number UK00003270242. This is very important because it means the marque can’t be used by any organisation that isn’t a member of Made in Britain. It’s officially protected.

There are other organisations out there who claim to promote British manufacturing and try to look like Made in Britain. Some charge a lot of money for membership and then seek to profit from the enviable reputation of British industry.
We’re not flattered by these organisations’ attempts to pass themselves off as the official membership organisation dedicated to promoting British makers. We think they should be stopped.

There is only one official Made in Britain organisation. It’s us. We run a not-for-profit business that exists solely to promote our members’ businesses at home and abroad. Our membership fees represent great value for money and we reckon we repay the membership fee many times over with advice, support, news, events and representation in the UK and overseas.

So keep your eyes peeled for other organisations that purport to do what we do. Let us know if you see any. Membership organisations that charge more for an inferior service, whilst emulating the official Made in Britain organisation, undermine everything we’re all trying to achieve.

By Made in Britain 5 years ago | By Made in Britain

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