SPACE INFLATERS - Gillingham, North Dorset

Space Inflaters is the second community site being run in North Dorset by The Gillingham Community and Leisure Trust, expanding its ability to deliver activities for the children and youth of both the town and whole Blackmore Vale area.

The site took delivery of its huge space themed inflatables in July 2022 and opened its doors shortly after, catering for a wide variety of ages of children, from new-born right through to teenagers. Being a sister site to the successful Riversmeet Leisure Centre, also set in the heart of North Dorset, ensures that the charity is able to serve its local community across a wide range of ages.

The Gillingham Community and Leisure Trust is part of the Three Rivers Partnership and is working in partnership with Thrive Services CIC to deliver services throughout North Dorset and the Surrounding areas.

LEDextra worked closely with the GCLT team to ensure that their brief was met and a stimulating, sensory lighting environment was delivered whilst ensuring that practical requirements and energy savings were maximised.

Traxon E:cue controls were used throughout the project for all of the lighting installed and the commissioning was completed by ECS, Elite Control Services.

The client requested a colour change option that would provide a RGBW wash effect over the end of the main play area that was suitable for mounting at high level. The Colour Glide Flood was selected for this.

On the main café wall, a special effect lighting was required to add a ‘wow’ factor. 40 of the Glide Pixel were installed in a group so once programmed, they can scroll through a selection of colours and range of effects, including a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner.

Due to the high ceiling and nature of the building, the Capo, a suspended product was required for the café and servery area. A mix of coloured collars were used in red, orange and blue to provide visual interest for the children and to suit the space theme and aesthetics of the building along with DALI control.
The Halobay Opal with DALI was installed in the main play area as the primary light source and was selected due to its futuristic shape, achieving a ‘planet’ effect in synergy with the project space theme.

Elisian with DALI control were installed in the entrance area to provide good light distribution, improved aesthetics to standard downlighters and again, was in keeping with the space ‘ planet’ theme. 6 Glide Pixel RGBW were also used in a formation of 2 x 3m to, in the words of the client, “transport you into the main area and give you the feeling of entering Hyperspace”. The Glide Pixels have been programmed to give a chasing effect to achieve this.

The RTEC was installed in the buggy store and corridors as there was a requirement for a recessed product with IP option, of which an IP44 version was installed in the toilet and changing areas. This product is efficient and quick to install.

The Typhon was installed in the kitchen area and behind the front entrance sign, offering an IP rated, linear solution. In the cold and dry storage area, the Typhon Sensor was used for efficiency and control in low use areas.

Protec FR were selected for their aesthetic effect and to provide additional white lighting to the colour systems in the entrance area along with LED4, standalone emergency luminaires under the entrance signage.

An internal exit box was required for all fire doors, where the EX13 was installed.

The AME2, an IP rated exit bulkhead, was installed by the café fire exit, front and side exits and kitchen and cold storage.
The Amenity Exterior Open was installed for the exterior service area due to the requirement of an IP rated impact system product that provides good light distribution.

The Volito, a wall mounted feature luminaire, was installed next to the entrance door.

Dextra Group firmly believe that supporting the local community is integral to the success of the company and are delighted to be working on this new venture, Space Inflaters. This facility will become a community hub that provides much needed additional amenities for the area in terms of soft play and café.

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