Is it time to reconsider Black Friday?

What does your company do?
Wilde & Harte design and manufacture the finest quality razors and shaving brushes, inspired by the grandeur and splendour of iconic houses and palaces in London. We source the manufacturing of all necessary components from British businesses. 

Do you take part in Black Friday? If not, why not?
No, we do not take part. Black Friday is an American promotion, backed by American based retailers to kick-start the Christmas shopping season just after Thanksgiving. We believe there is no connection between Black Friday and British Christmas shopping traditions.

To bring a Wilde & Harte razor to market involves many highly skilled processes. Our product prices reflect the time involved bringing high end products to market. To apply an arbitrary discount on our products simply to sell more stock over one heavily promoted weekend, especially when many other brands are doing exactly the same, does not make business sense. 

Furthermore, many of our razors are manufactured from 100% stainless steel and purchased with a lifetime guarantee. So, with no product shelf life, we are not under pressure to sell stock before a particular date, or by the start of a new season.

The environment is also a factor to consider. Black Friday encourages us to purchase many unnecessary items. These purchases put additional strain on supply and logistical chains which is compounded when items get returned once the reality of an overspend is realised, causing more strain on couriers and air freight.

Another question to ask ourselves is: Are popular items bought on Black Friday actually cheaper at other times of year? Retail is a very complex and competitive industry. If you want to buy a specific product, the chances are you can purchase it discounted during other times of the year.

What are your tips for helping small businesses during the busy Christmas shopping season?

  • Buy direct from the product brands own website. This way, the maximum profit goes to the brand to help with product development and business longevity
  • Identify a product you need, then research online to see if it's available locally. This may not always be the cheapest price (although you may qualify for free shipping), however, you could ask the local retailer to price match? Purchasing locally reduces your environmental impact, plus you’re more likely to receive better service
  • If you're happy with the products or service you receive, leave positive feedback on the retailers online review platform. Don't underestimate how valuable positive feedback is for small businesses!

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