Turn a bottle of water into a shower? Why would you want to do that?

WELL to provide an effective solution to the problem of washing when there’s only bottled water available, that’s the obvious benefit, and we can think of some situations when that might be really handy.

But Bottleshower takes all this very seriously and has developed a strong relationship with emergency services, aid agencies and the military. These are the front line users who have found Bottleshower to be the ideal way to flood wash wounds or chemical burns and treat heatstroke.

The compact shower heads multiply the flow duration by up to ten times and fit any normal plastic drinking water bottle or soft drink type bottle from 0.5-litre up to 2-litres including the 1-litre flexible ‘liquitainer’ bottle and the large 5-litre water bottles. These can be hung using the Bottleshower hanging harnesses.

The ‘tap’ head is for general washing and makes one litre of water flow for two minutes. The ‘shower’ head makes one litre of water flow for 1min 12secs. No squeezing of the bottle is required as the water is automatically pumped out when inverted.

Bottleshower kits have now become standard issue for police forces, accident and emergency and security teams in the UK. Check out the Made in Britain member page for Bottleshower

By Made in Britain 2 years ago | Made in Britain news

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