Use our survey results to support buy British marketing campaigns

THE Made in Britain survey into consumers' and procurement professionals' buying decisions threw up some powerful reasons to join Made in Britain and put the official, protected mark on products and promotions.

The results of our survey conducted last autumn by OnePoll, revealed that seven in ten shoppers actively seek out British-made products for reasons ranging from economic and quality-based to environmental considerations. Eighty-six per cent of consumers feel it is important to try to buy British and eight-in-ten would be prepared to pay up to seven per cent more to do so.

Business buyers also have a strong inclination towards British products, with three out of four businesses saying that they would like to buy more British-made products than they currently do. But the main obstacle, for both consumers and business buyers, is knowing whether a product is made in Britain or not.

The official protected Made in Britain mark solves this problem. Members of Made in Britain can use the mark on all British-made products and the promotional material they create for them.

Members can now download the full results of the survey, compiled into a neatly organised 59-page PDF document. They have to be logged-in to their account on the Made in Britain website and can find the survey results in the members' downloads section under 'Sales advice'.

Non-members can find out all about the other benefits of membership here.

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