Weekly boost for members’ news

MEMBER-created news stories are to get a weekly boost with a 'round-up' story every Monday on the Made in Britain news page.

For the last 18 months, members of Made in Britain have been able to post their own news stories on the Made in Britain website. Most of these stories appear beside the member’s profile page on the website, providing company and product updates for visitors who find the member’s profile via the searchable directory.

These stories are also promoted via the Made in Britain social media channels, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Now they will also be included in a list-style article that will be published on the main news page, which is much more visible to visitors to the Made in Britain website.

Martyn Moore, content editor at Made in Britain, explained, “Previously, in order to be published on the main news stream, a member-created story needed to benefit the whole of membership and the manufacturing sector. Many member stories simply targeted potential customers with new product news or announcing a fresher website, so these stories sat happily alongside the member’s profile.

“But the news service has proved very popular and our commitment to promote every story on social media has become increasingly difficult to deliver. It also made our social media output look like a big sales promotion, and while we exist to help British manufacturers sell more, there is a lot more to Made in Britain than just sales promotion.

“By writing this ‘listicle’ with a teaser headline and a link to the story, these articles get an airing on the main news section of the website, leading to more readers. We can then promote this item on social media and allow visitors to browse the entire week’s content output from our members.”

To qualify for the Monday morning listicle, member-created stories must be written in full on the Made in Britain website via the member’s login. Items that are simply a link to a story on the member’s own website will not be included.

Martyn Moore continued, “While we will not stop members simply linking to stories on their own websites using a single line with a hyperlink, we will not be including these in the weekly round-up. I understand how time pressures and the benefit of the link on search visibility make these quick links an attractive option for members, but they are not really enriching the information available on the Made in Britain website, which is what the news section was created to do.”

Add your company’s news to this round-up next week by following this guide here. If your company is not a member of Made in Britain yet, here’s where you can change that.

By Made in Britain 10 months ago | Made in Britain news

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