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Run by Dorset Council, Weymouth Library has an important role to play in the town’s community offering not only reading and reference services but as a place that brings people together for other learning and activities. Last year, a £550,000 refurbishment saw other services being added, including a learning centre.

Areas on the first floor were transformed to now accommodate a new meeting room for community use, interview rooms, public and staff toilets including an accessible toilet and a shared office space.  The Citizen’s Advice Bureau was also moved into the main building and have a presence on the main reception desk. More areas will be dedicated to this service once the ground floor works are complete.

Also on the ground floor are now meeting and interview rooms, an accessible toilet with baby changing facilities and office space for the council’s Community Resource Team. The main entrance was rearranged and the whole floor was redecorated.
Working with contractor, Turrells, Dextra Lighting was chosen for the job on the basis that it was not only a local company but known for its quality lighting products that are competitively priced.

The library’s old lighting was out of date and was expensive to run and maintain. Dextra was briefed to replace them with more efficient options. Funding for the project was released based on saving calculations completed by energy specialists at the council.

The large atrium in the building was lit using Dextra’s Runway Wall. This product compliments Dextra’s recessed and suspended Runway ranges to provide an architecturally attractive luminaire for wall mounting in a wide range of applications such as corridors, receptions and offices. With an extruded aluminium housing and die cast aluminium end caps the Runway combines both a quality finish with a minimal aesthetic. The Runway Wall is supplied complete with a pair of mounting brackets to provide both cable entry and mechanical fix to walls. It is available in a range of options including grey, black or white finishes, opal or microprismatic diffuser options, white tunable and a wide range of dimming variants.
In the offices, meeting rooms and main library area, 213 of Dextra’s Modled Office luminaires were chosen and fitted with REAF7 6ALL sensors. The Modled Office has been designed specifically for applications where monitors are used in areas such as classrooms and offices. By using a central microprism optic with high transmission opal diffuser surround the Modled Office is designed to comply with the latest BSEN 12464 glare requirements for both the 3000 candelas per metre squared limit above 65 degrees and UGR19. The product combines this glare control with high output LED sources ensuring that a 400 lux average can be achieved with spacings as large as 3 x3m.

To help with the aesthetics in the toilet areas, 21 Amenity Decorative LEDs were installed. With 1500, 2000, 3000 and 4000 lumen output and light output ratios in excess of 80% the Amenity range product range gives similar performance to traditional fluorescent sources. 1500 lumen offers similar output to 28W 2D and the 2000 lumen variant gives similar output to 38W 2D with the benefit of significantly lower energy consumption and a 5 year warranty.

Elsewhere in the toilet area, 15 Protec LED’s were specified because of their reputation to be efficient and reliable. The Protec is a high-quality recessed LED downlight, and uses the highest quality Philips components with ‘cutting edge’ optic design and a modern aesthetic. IP65 can be achieved for use in bathrooms and wet areas.

In the staffrooms, the Graduate LED was chosen for its energy efficiency levels and 24 were supplied. The Graduate LED is a mainstay of the Dextra range and has been extensively used in schools and hospitals nationwide. Available in 600mm, 1200mm and 1500mm variants, a wide range of lumen outputs as well as dimming and emergency options the Graduate LED can be tailored for use in applications ranging from classrooms and hospital wards through to corridors and stairwells.
The Graduate LED is suitable for installation on conduit, surface mounting or suspension and can be offered with integral microwave sensors for additional energy savings.

In the corridors and offices, 12 LED4’s were installed. The LED4 incorporates a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery giving greatly extended lifetime over traditional Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride products. Designed to complement mains operated luminaires, the LED4 is a standalone non maintained emergency luminaire and is available in standard, self-test and auto-test emergency variants.

In the Main Library 17 Protec FR Gimbals were used to give directional spot lighting and the popular HBE2 LED’s were use as attractive and efficient hanging LED exit signs.




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