What are plastic extrusions used for?

D W Plastics Ltd is a thermo-plastics extrusion product manufacturer. We supply high-volume plastic extrusions across a wide range of trade sectors. There are many different applications for plastic extrusions. The most common are:

Apart from the obvious products, such as soffits, wall cladding, guttering, pipework, cable sheathing and insulation, plastic extrusions are used in construction for everything from the concrete foundations to the final interior finishing. Building products such as UPVC lintels, rainwater pipes, guttering, fascias, soffits, electrical conduits, cable protectors, window frames, and pipe covers. UPVC is tough and resistant to chemicals, provides good electrical insulation, UV resistant, good impact resistance, good insulation properties, good UV resistance, good impact strength, good fire retardancy, good electrical insulation and damp proofing properties, and weight-saving, durable and therefore sustainable, which provide a positive environmental impact of construction projects.

Using plastic products in agricultural land management and equipment is cost-effective and sustainable. For example, land drainage pipes, animal tagging, animal feeding, plant trays, irrigation troughs and pipes, irrigation, fencing, decking, agricultural equipment, edging products, gardening ties, and plastic posts. Plastic is resistant to corrosion underground, is resilient, versatile, reliable, and durable.

Extruded plastic products have many different uses as parts of durable consumer goods, for example, fridge seals, electrical goods, convenience goods such as bottles and pots containing drinks, and cleaning materials, to name but a few.

Furniture edge trims and furniture legs are often made with plastic extrusion profiles giving strength, easy maintenance, versatility and weight savings.

Wheel trims, cable covers, door seals, some interior and exterior trims.

Clips and pipes for gas installations, plastic piping for water, clear sampling tubes, both underground and overground, on land and at sea.

PVC extrusions for a variety of applications in the transport sector, including the rail and aeronautical industries, such as glazing seals, plastic sheaths for signalling, power and earthing cables, conduits & trunking for telecom and data cables, rigid PVC drainage pipes, barriers and fence posts

Protective edge and corner strips, hygienic cladding profiles, fire blanket holders, and sealing strips, including fire-resistant seals.

Open and covered label holders, ticket & shelf strips, price holders, corner frames for graphic display panels, channelling for display cases, gaskets & seals, poster hangers, clip-on edging, data strips, and connector profiles.

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