AGP - Ready to Use Artificial Grass Line Marking Paint

Manufactured by Pitchmark

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Product Description

AGP (Artificial Grass Paint) is the perfect line marking paint for synthetic turf surfaces, including 3G and 4G, water-based or rubber-crumb.  It can also be used successfully on hard surfaces like car parks and tennis courts.

Extremely vivid and hard-wearing, AGP lasts up to several months and can be applied through many spray markers including our Eco markers.

AGP is available in white, red, yellow or blue.

Apply AGP in temperatures above 10oC, ensuring the carpet has already been brushed (if rubber crumb) and is completely dry.  Allow several hours of dry conditions after painting to allow it to cure before using.  AGP should not be applied to new carpets until at least 3 months after installation due to the protective water-resistant coating used on the 'grass'.


• Designed especially for use on artificial grass surfaces like 3G or 4G all-weather pitches.

• AGP can also be used on hard surfaces like car parks or tennis courts.

• Can be used through the majority of spray line markers on the market.

• Ready-to-use with no mixing or dilution required. Simply shake well and go.

• Supplied in 10 litre HDPE containers.

• 14.5kg per 10 litre container.

• Possible to mark at least 1 standard football pitch with each 10 litre container (based on Pitchmark Eco markers with flat fan nozzles.)

• Available in white, red, blue or yellow as standard. If other colours are required please contact us beforehand.

• Water-based, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly product.

Additional Information:

Surface: Artificial Grass or Hard Surfaces

Machine: Spray Markers

Paint Type: Ready-to-Use

Size: 10 Litre Drums

Colours Available: White, Blue, Red, Yellow

Pitches per Drum: 1+


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