Audax 20-1 Body Camera System

Manufactured by Audax

Product Buying Options

Product Capacity: 300 x+ per month

Minimum Order Quantity: 8 + Docking Staion

Product Description

The easily recognisable 20-1 Camera packs a unique technology specification into a small, robust and lightweight form factor, easily out performing other products in its class.

It combines incredible high-quality HD video and audio with a market leading record time of over 10 hours, providing secure evidence gathering capability with AES 256 encryption and user password controls in an auditable and approved manner.

With integrated GPS giving the exact location and with camera and User credentials provided by the automated NFC / RFID system, the camera is designed to be both user friendly and highly secure. Designed to be used in all weathers, it has built in IR for full night-time recording and tactile user-friendly buttons for operators when wearing gloves.

With both pre and post event recording coupled with Wi-Fi for live streaming of video and H265 compression it can provide a formidable solution whatever your demands.

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Technology / Security System Products

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