Flow Arc - Curved Lighting System

Manufactured by RICOMAN

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Additional Sales Information: Flow system is comprised of straight and curved basic modules that can be combined in different ways to create unique lighting projects. The modules can be configured to classic circular luminaires, rounded rectangles, and continuous waves.

Product Description


  • Stylish, contemporary design
  • 90degree arc in 1.5m diameter with outwards lighting direction
  • 15W delivering up to 880 lumens
  • 3000K | 4000K colour temperature
  • Aluminium body profile
  • White | Black | Silver body finish
  • Flexible silicone diffuser, no light leakage
  • Pendant or surface mounted
  • Also available in straight and twisting lines
  • Arcs with inwards and downwards lighting direction also available
  • Compatible with Flow curved linear system with endless options and combinations
  • Drivers sold separate
  • Modules can be easily connected for a continuous lighting system
  • End caps available

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Building & Construction / Lighting

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