Gabriel Unit

Manufactured by Angel Guard Ltd.

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Product Description

Angel Guard’s innovative clinical washbasins are a massive step towards the elimination of Healthcare Acquired Infections.

The Gabriel unit has a patent-pending glass washbasin which prevents contamination from water-borne pathogens that could travel through splashing. Real time sensors which track the temperature, flow, and the biofilm sensor on the spout to keep patients safe by identifying and reducing the risk. The AI colony technology allows the units to work together to intelligently learn and adapt to bacterial behaviours to protect against systemic contamination. Not only this but Angel Guard has Halo Protect 24/7 monitored by our Guardian staff who will remain aware of if any of your units have any issues they can come and fix the problems within a short space of time.

All of these features help protect you and your patients from a plethora of water-borne pathogens while also saving you money in energy costs.

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Angel Guard Ltd.

Technology / Healthcare

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