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The PSL Datatrack production control software Hourly Rates Guide aims to provide a method for a company to determine whether current estimating procedures are suited to its production requirements.

The many elements that make up an estimate or quotation to a potential customer must be accurately compiled. These include calculation of costs relating to machine utilisation, manpower, factory overheads, administration and materials – all central to the information provided by PSL Datatrack.

The figures that are presented in the guide's easy to read tables identify many of the common possible costs to be taken into consideration. Whilst they are illustrative, they provide excellent guidance on how to apply hourly rates to an estimate.

If you would like a copy of the Hourly Rates Guide please fill in our information request box and we will send you a copy.


  • Enables you to quote with confidence in your hourly rates
  • Ensures that all costs are considered
  • Helps you decide on commercial rates

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