muggi- the most versatile drinks tray in the world

Manufactured by Muggi Limited

Product Buying Options

Minimum Order Quantity: One

Additional Sales Information: Muggi is available from a select group of retailers, both in-store and on-line, Amazon and Individual and bulk orders can easily be accommodated. We can also offer a Promotional Branding service for orders over 100 muggi.

Product Description

Designed and manufactured in the UK to withstand the harsh environment of the ocean - now manufactured from waste plastic from the ocean.’’ The recycled PP we use comes from the ocean and post-consumer waste, which is regenerated into new material comparable in quality to virgin plastic. We also use post-industrial plastic collected and regenerated during our own manufacturing process at the factory in the UK: and the good news is muggi can be re-recycled forever, helping to close the loop on the ever increasing plastic problem.

Manufacturer Profile

Muggi Limited

Home & Living / Mobility

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