Personalised Coloured Tennis Balls

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Additional Sales Information: A set of three or four hand finished tennis balls in a choice of colours, personalised with your choice of name up to nine characters long. A perfect gift for all tennis lovers. Available in pink, red, orange, green, yellow or white.

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Personalised Coloured Tennis Balls:

  • Personalised, coloured tennis balls in a tube with a personalised label
  • Six colour choices
  • Type 2, quality, pressureless tennis balls
  • Suitable for court play and practice
  • A fabulous gift for tennis lovers, children and pets too
  • Consistent bounce and quality you can rely on
  • Size 66mm

A set of three or four, hand finished, colour tennis balls, personalised with a name of your choice. A perfect gift for all tennis lovers.

Our balls are the real deal, excellent quality that any tennis player would be pleased to play with made right here in the UK. Everything is made the good old-fashioned way. The rubber is milled, the half shells are moulded and joined. The balls are covered with cloth by hand. Once perfectly formed we are ready to print.

There is a choice of colours - pink, red, orange, green, yellow or white. You will then be able to personalise the balls with any name up to nine characters in length. Once the balls are printed they are then tubed and a personalised label is added, heat shrunk to look just like a professional tube of tennis balls.

We have left you a limited space to type in the name you would like printed on the balls and a larger text area to type in the text you would like printed on the tube label.  Some examples of tube labels would be 'Sam's Tennis Balls' or 'Dear Sam, Happy Birthday! Love Mum & Dad'

Please bear in mind that the longer the personalisation, the smaller the text will become. We only print on one side of the ball with up to nine letters. All names are printed as per the example of the ball images. A capital letter to start and the rest of the name in lower case. 

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