Print Your Logo on to Coloured Tennis Balls

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Additional Sales Information: Hot off the press! Brand new to Price of Bath - Print Your Logo on to Coloured Tennis Balls. Upload your company's logo in a black print on a coloured tennis balls in either a three or four ball tube. Choose from a wide variety of colours from te

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Print Your Logo on to Coloured Tennis Balls 

A great way to promote your company and increase your brand awareness as well as being fantastic gifts for your customers. No quantity is too small, quick turnaround times and all made right here in Britain by the only tennis ball manufacturer in Britain and Europe. 

  • A truly unique printed tennis ball service
  • Striking black logo on quality coloured tennis balls
  • Follow our guidelines for your company logo to be printed on our tennis balls
  • Suitable for court play and practice 
  • Ball Size: 66mm diameter 

All you need is a clear vectorized logo in black.  It needs to be a clean and able to fit an area measuring 25mm width x 45mm height. The size of the image should be 660 pixels wide by 1200 pixels height.  

If you would like a different colour print, or a multi-coloured logo, or a customised tube label please contact us via email at as we can offer a more bespoke service. 

Price's type 2 tennis balls are the real deal, are great for court play and practice, excellent for playing catch with, have a great bounce and make ideal gifts for adults, kids and pets.

A quality ball, designed and manufactured in the UK by Price of Bath, the only remaining ball maker in the UK and Europe.  Producers of sporting balls since the 1930s.

PLEASE NOTE: You may see an error message pop up when you are trying to put your order in the basket. This may happen if your image is not the right size. Please refer to our guidelines above for help in the size and shape of the image required.

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