SAM Pipeline Vacuum Regulators

Manufactured by MGE

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Product Capacity: 100 units per week

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Additional Sales Information: Please contact us for delivery times for larger orders

Product Description

The SAM 50 range of Pipeline vacuum regulators are compact, lightweight and versatile Low and High Vacuum Regulators fitted either with a Direct probe or a 1m reinforced Vacuum hose with a remote probe allowing for the unit to be wall, rail or trolley mounted.

They supply a fully variable suction level from the central system with a simple twist control knob and also incorporate an easy to view red\green shut off lever.

SAM regulators are colour coded yellow for high vacuum, blue for low vacuum and have been designed with important safety features to protect against contamination including;

Shut-off valve
Overflow trap
Pressure relief valve
Fitted Bacterial or Hydrophobic filter
The SAM 50 can be used in conjunction with MGE's auotclavable SAM 2 bottles as well as other popular disposable collection systems

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