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PSL Datatrack production control software Status Boards can be put on display throughout a factory to deliver clear visual instructions to all departments on any aspect of production. They give visibility to real-time KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), giving even more control over manufacturing processes.

The dynamic boards update automatically without any user intervention. The boards can be customised by PSL Datatrack to suit your exact planning requirements - one size does not fit all. Status Boards can be shown one board per screen or multiple boards on a single screen.

Common uses for Status Boards include displaying the current shop floor work-to-list, jobs requiring work that day and which customer deliveries are due out on a particular day. Real-time information for management in the boardroom is also available, including actual sales versus projections and targets.


  • Dynamic boards automatically kept up to date
  • Ensure urgent actions do not get missed
  • Generates instructions where they are needed

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