Type 1 Bonded

Manufactured by Buttonfix Limited

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Product Capacity: Unlimited

Minimum Order Quantity: Direct purchase: 5,000 sets

Additional Sales Information: Please see https://button-fix.com/where-to-buy

Product Description

Ideal for thin panel materials.

For use where screw-fixing to the panel is not possible and bonding is the preferred option. It can be either surface-mounted or semi-rebated and works with a broad range of materials.

The Fix housing is moulded from ABS and the Button is 30% glass filled nylon PA6 - both strong and robust engineering polymers. There are many structural adhesives suitable for bonding ABS to a wide range of panel materials, for example, a 2-part structural acrylic adhesive, a matched adhesive for solid surface (Corian®, Hanex®, etc.) or solvent weld for bonding to acrylic.

As a general guide, four Button-fix Type 1 Bonded fasteners on a vertical panel will support loads weighing up to a maximum of 80kg (175lbs), however, this can vary significantly depending on the adhesive and substrate material combination. Always follow the adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations on substrate suitability, preparation and loadings. Manufactured in the UK.

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Buttonfix Limited

Building & Construction / Construction

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