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as pro engineering ltd.

Located in the city centre of Edinburgh, as pro engineering ltd. is a small, British advanced-engineering design consultancy.

as pro engineering ltd. specialises in the design & development of high-quality, lightweight composite & metallic products for the U.K. Motorsport, Automotive & Cycling industries.

We have worked on a variety of exciting, challenging and complex high-level engineering projects from the supply of CNC precision machined parts for the Bloodhound SSC 1,000 mph land-speed record attempt car, to the complete restoration of the 2014 Caterham CT05 Formula 1 car.

By applying our advanced-engineering expertise, and drawing upon our strong Formula 1 background, as pro engineering ltd. develops market-leading products that help you to remain current, relevant & competitive tomorrow.

We work to BS 8888:2017 drawing standards & specialise in the following advanced-engineering design services:

- 2D & 3D CAD Design of Metallic & Composite Components
- FEA Finite Element Stress Analysis
- Pattern & Mould Design
- Bespoke Suspension Design
- Niche Vehicle Design
- Sheet Metal Design
- 3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering
- 3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping

Discover how our advanced-engineering capabilities & design expertise can also help you to remain competitive & at the forefront of your industry as well.

Visit to book a no-cost 30 minute project consultation today.

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