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Body-worn cameras, think you have Data Protection and Compliance Covered?  

At Audax, we believe that the safety and well-being of employees should be a top priority for any business (it is also a legal requirement). By equipping your staff with body-worn cameras, you are providing them with an added layer of protection that can significantly reduce the risk of physical harm as they act as an effective deterrent. BWV have been proven to be a useful tool for deescalating confrontations and for the gathering of impartial, accurate evidence that can be used to educate, inform or prosecute.

As the demand for body-worn video (BWV) cameras continues to increase in law enforcement, security, and other industries, so does the need for data security and privacy compliance.

The Data Protection Act 2018 & GDPR requires all organizations that process personal data of all citizens to ensure that the data is secure, and this includes data captured by BWV cameras. Point 7 of the Data Protection Act Principles states “Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss…”. The majority of BWV users rightly focus on personal data storage security i.e., the videos after they have been downloaded from the camera, but they don’t consider “loss” of video from a mislaid or lost camera itself prior to download “at the end of the shift “. In my nearly 20 years of experience with BWV I have seen hundreds of Risk Assessments and often it is the “obvious” that fails to be considered by the Competent Authority or Data Controllers who focus on the “backend” and forget that fact that the minute a recording takes place, it falls under DPA.

To Conform to The UK Home Office Technical Guidance Requirements, all BWV MUST have a non-removable media storage within a sealed unit for data security and integrity.  Audax® BWV cameras are designed to be tamper-proof, with a secure locking mechanism that prevents unauthorized access to the camera's memory and firmware. The camera is a sealed unit and the Standard 32 Gb Memory is securely “fixed” to the motherboard; removal of the memory would disable the entire memory for data recovery. Audax® BWV cameras are password encrypted and the settings are protected with the camera management software thus we achieve full recording integrity where no files can be altered or deleted by the user or even viewed should the device be lost. They are also equipped with AES 256 encryption technology that protects the data from interception (this is superior to many competitors who’s live video stream is not encrypted) or non-authorised download. All video is protected by AES 256 encryption and the decoder / decryption media player (for secure video viewing) is hosted in our DEMS. Without access to this software, the video playback will just show a “green screen” and be “useless to anyone”. Our Docking Stations also have Role-based access control and user authentication for security.

At Audax, we understand the importance of data security and have further developed a unique feature in our Camera Management System (CMS) software that sets our BWV cameras apart from those of others. Our CMS software has the ability to remotely 'Stun' a lost camera device, ensuring that any mislaid camera's data cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel. The camera can be sent a command by the CMS software that can “wipe” the firmware and memory.

This feature is a game-changer in the world of BWV cameras, and it's one of the reasons why Audax BWV cameras are one of the most secure in the world. With the ability to wipe the firmware and memory of a lost camera device, our CMS software provides further peace of mind to law enforcement agencies, security firms, and other organizations that handle sensitive data and ensures an additional level of data security and compliance.

In addition to data security, Audax BWV have a large front button for operatives to be able to use, without having to take any gloves off, is just one key design feature of our Cameras. Built to be highly visible and easily recognisable it aids members of the public in recognition, thus potentially deterring any attacks and also ensuring it better meets legislation as an overt device. Audax cameras are more visible than competitors and can be easily spotted to deter confrontational situations. The CCTV icon on the camera makes it undeniable obvious that it is a surveillance camera meeting current both regulatory and legal requirements. Lightweight, robust and secure built for daily use in the sometimes-harsh environments and British climatic conditions. Our cameras have IR Lights for clarity of video recordings in dark / low light conditions, and with both pre and post event recording coupled with Wi-Fi and 3G/4G for live streaming of video along with also offering both H.264 and H.265 compression as a setting option for better memory management, they can provide a formidable solution whatever your demands.

Further unique innovations include:

·       An Integrated SOS (Lone-Worker protection), with live GPS-tracking, and Geo-fencing, linked to active user specified alarms. When the SOS button is pressed on the camera, it starts a live video stream directly to the control room and sounds an audible alert (also a visible alert) on the control room CMS software. The SOS Panic alarm (Lone worker) button activates an audio alarm sound in CMS / Command Centre, and on the camera. Rules can be set to start a live stream/record/monitor voice/intercom etc to provide additional support to the officers deployed.

·       An Integrated PTT for communication capability. It offers Clustered Talkback (PTT) Communication between cameras in a group or with a Control room. The camera can in effect talk to the command centre and command can talk to cameras in groups all via the CMS software.

Audax’s BIOAX camera is designed to protect both the user and the public with its intuitive recording function and its live streaming of securely encrypted video. The cameras internal GPS provides location on the video and Live asset tracking is possible via mapping in the control room. The Audax CMS offers decision-makers the ability to track multiple deployed assets along with live simultaneous video and audio feeds. For authorised personnel, it brings the remote action into the control room in high definition. A unique innovation on the BIOAX camera is the capability for the Control room to be able to turn on the cameras live stream remotely. This feature not only provides managers oversight and situational awareness of their assets on the “ground” but it ensures complete oversight for compliance and professional standards. Making this a valuable tool in ensuring professionalism.

In conclusion, the Audax BWV cameras are without doubt one of the most secure body-worn video cameras in the world, thanks to the unique 'Stun' feature in our CMS software, the capability to remotely turn on the live stream and the AES 256 encryption both on the device but also on the live video stream, With our cameras, organizations can rest assured that their data is safe on the camera, compliant and meets the highest of professional standards.

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