Leidos Supply Chain webinar wrap-up

Gaining competitive advantage when bidding for Ministry of Defence opportunities

Leidos Supply holds a 13-year, £6.7bn contract to transform the UK’s Defence supply chain, which includes the procurement and inventory management of 70,000 commodity NATO Stock Number (NSNs).

On 22 March 2023, Made in Britain hosted an online session to connect members with Leidos.  The event highlighted product areas procured by Leidos, focused on items that are not military-specific, including:

> Clothing and footwear
> Medical and hygiene supplies
> Veterinary products
> Food & drink
More than 50 member companies registered for the session, with presentations from Leidos Supply’s Head of Procurement Policy, Governance & Development, followed by Q&A and open discussion.  The session raised awareness among Made in Britain members of where tenders are advertised, processes, and supplier obligations.

Members can watch a recording of the webinar in the Members' Area. Or email trade@madeinbritain.org for a copy of the presentation.
The session forms part of Made in Britain's programme of activity on UK government procurement. 

Made in Britain's engagement with Leidos was facilitated by George Middleton, principal consultant at MAP and advisor to Made in Britain on government and international trade.

By Made in Britain 10 months ago | Government & supply chains

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