Price Realignment - LINIAN T&E Clips™ and Coaxial Clips™ - 2021

Price Realignment - LINIAN T&E Clips™ and Coaxial Clips™

Earlier this year, we realigned the price of the LINIAN T&E Clip™ and Coaxial Clip™ ranges. LINIAN clips are up to 3 times faster to install than traditional methods so the labour-saving costs alone mean LINIAN clips have always offered great value. However, with this new reduced pricing, we can pass on even further savings to the wholesaler and installer.

Why did we make this decision?
When we started LINIAN, our goal was to solve a problem, safely. We are a team of engineers that successfully created a solution that genuinely helps installers, and can save time, money, and lives. When we launch any new product, we invest significantly in research and development to bring our unique innovations to the market. Now that the products are established, we want to ensure that every single installer has access to these faster, safer, simpler products.

What are LINIAN T&E Clips™?
LINIAN T&E Clips™ are single-component UV stable, fire-rated fixings, designed specifically for twin, CPC cabling and PVC trunking. Suitable for all substrates, they provide a robust fixing designed to support an impressive tensile load of 24kg. The patented design includes barbed legs which grip the substrate for a secure hold and a closed head loop that neatly encloses the cable.
LINIAN T&E Clips™ offer significant advantages over other methods of fixing T&E cables, including nail-in clips and shot-fired fixings.
1. Nail-in clips feature two components: a hook that holds the cable and a nail that secures it to the substrate. In nail-in clips, the hooks are often made from plastic, which can suffer from UV damage and can melt in the event of a fire, causing the cable to be released. There are metal nail-in clip options on the market, which do offer protection in the event of a fire, but these are often unsightly and can rust.
2. Shot-fired nails require an expensive and dangerous shot-fire fastening gun to install. This method is very fast, as the clips are installed at high pressure. However, due to the rapid-fire method, there is a potential risk of injury to the installer, and also a potential risk of damage to the cable as the shot fire clips can scratch the sheathing, or even pierce the cable.
With LINIAN T&E Clips™, the installer can anchor fixings for wire safely and form a bend in the cable without having to remove the cable clip to do so. LINIAN T&E Clips™ are fire-rated, tested in temperatures up to 1200° and will not melt like traditional methods. LINIAN clips are also UV stable and salt-spray tested, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
LINIAN T&E Clips™ can be used with stainless steel cable ties to safely secure groups of T&E cables.

What are LINIAN Coaxial Clips™?
LINIAN Coaxial Clips™ were launched in 2020, and designed to make installation of RG59 coaxial cabling faster, safer and simpler. RG59 coaxial ‘Shotgun’ cable is commonly used for CCTV installation and allows the installer to send power and a video signal down just the one cable, saving installation time and money by fitting a single cable rather than two. LINIAN RG59 Coaxial Clips™ provide a neat, easy and versatile substitute for plastic cleats and saddle clips and eradicate the need for screws, plugs and plastic, saving the installer even further installation time.

How do they work?
Simply drill a hole (6mm for T&E Clips™ and Coaxial Clips™), wrap the clip around the cable, insert it into the hole, job done! You can tap the clip in with a soft hammer if preferred.
LINIAN T&E Clips™ can also be used within trunking. Simply drill the hole through the trunking, wrap the clip around the cable and insert directly into the trunking. The LINIAN T&E clip™ will secure the trunking to the wall, saving the installer from having to install additional screws to support the trunking.
LINIAN clips are designed to provide a lasting fix, however, they can be removed with the use of standard carpenter's pincers.

Why should installers use LINIAN clips?
LINIAN clips can save installers time and money, without ever compromising on quality. All LINIAN clips are extensively tested to the highest safety standards, and are:
• 18th Edition Compliant
• Easy to install
• Corrosion-resistant - UV Stable
• Available in a variety of colours to match the cable
• Available in a variety of sizes to fit the cable
• Made in Britain
Since the 18th Edition (Amendment 1) wiring regulations, it is a legal requirement that all cables must be secured to prevent risk of premature collapse of cables, not just those in escape routes. Installers require good quality, safe products, that won't fail, and LINIAN products exceed all safety regulation requirements (we even helped set some of the safety standards for cable fixings!). Plus, they are quick and easy to install, and look great too, making them an ideal choice for every installer.

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t: +44 (0) 141 465 4858

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