Software maker uComply qualifies for membership of Made in Britain

SOFTWARE manufacturer uComply is one of Made in Britain’s new digital members.

The company was formed in 2012 to give UK businesses what it describes as a simple, reliable and cost-effective means of complying with all Home Office immigration guidelines. At the same time, through eliminating paper, its solutions help reduce clients’ environmental impact by going digital.

Stefan Sosnowski, operations director at uComply, told Made in Britain, “Whenever you take a step into innovation, whether it is through an idea or driven by others in industry, you need to get the message heard. We set our stall out in 2011 to create a simple-to-use process to help UK employers comply with the Home Office Right to Work guidance. Our solution was the first of its kind and we have further developed it to allow employers to embed their own eligibility to work process, which incorporates the guidance, to allow them to go paperless with digitisation enhancing their green credentials.

“We have an offer specifically for COViD-19 where we have a process to ensure you follow the guidelines for remote working. We are giving this free of charge for the period of the outbreak.

“We hope that through Made in Britain's network our brand will be recognised by other UK businesses as home-grown. Many businesses now are looking to support home-grown businesses and we believe that having a made in Britain mark will help identify us as such. The accreditation is already proudly displayed on all of our webpages, email footers and we will show this on LinkedIn.”

Find out more about uComply from its members’ directory profile page here and its website here.


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