Van Guard makes ventilator housings to help in the coronavirus effort

MADE in Britain member Van Guard has worked in conjunction with fellow Exeter-based fabricator DMA-PHE to help produce metal housings for ventilators for the NHS.

After making the tough decision to close its manufacturing facilities following the prime minister’s announcement on 24 March, 48 hours later Van Guard was helping the nationwide call for British manufacturers to help produce more ventilators. DMA-PHE approached Van Guard to manufacture 102 metal housings for these much-needed life-saving machines.

Van Guard quickly formulated a plan based on the health and safety of individuals under the lockdown restrictions. Using its high-tech machinery at the manufacturing facilities near Exeter Airport, Van Guard laser-cut, folded and spray painted the housings.

The Department of Health has said that ventilator capacity has recently doubled, but still require at least 30,000 ventilators so that the NHS can cope with the peak of new cases.

Barry Woodward, managing director at Van Guard, told Made in Britain, "Along with the rest of the country, Van Guard is waiting to see what the pandemic will throw at us. But we would not hesitate to once again pull together to help the UK fight this deadly virus and hopefully save lives."

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About Van Guard

As a long-standing member of the Made in Britain campaign, with more than 40 years’ experience in British manufacturing, Van Guard is extremely proud of its heritage.

Back in the early 90s, Van Guard was formed as an offshoot of G.K. Land Engineering Co. Ltd, an aerospace engineering company established by Gerald Land, near Exeter Airport. Founded in 1976, G.K. Land specialised in the supply of precision machined components and industrial finishing of electronics, lighting and audio products.

Highly regarded in the south-west for its high engineering standards, G.K. Land was approached by a local utility company that was experiencing vehicle break-ins. This resulted in the development of aftermarket rear window grilles and blanks that provided a visual deterrent against break-ins. Hence the name Van Guard. The success of the window grilles allowed Van Guard to explore the van security market further by developing aftermarket bulkheads, tool stores and pipe carriers, before becoming a market leader in van roof bars, van roof racks and internal van racking and storage.

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