British Rare Breed Sheepskin Rug

Manufactured by Glencroft

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A genuine sheepskin rug entirely manufactured in the UK - that's British sheep, British tanned and hand finished in Glencroft's Dales warehouse.

The UK has more sheep breeds than any other country - over 60 and counting - and many more cross breeds. Glencroft British sheepskin rugs are 100% British and entirely by-products of the meat industry.

We have both natural golden white and rare breeds of every natural colour from off white to dark brown and every pattern inbetween. Breeds we commonly have include Herdwicks, Badger Face Welsh Mountain, Soay, Swaledale, Norfolk Down, Jacob to name a few.

This is the perfect quality floor covering for any home, it'll keep your feet warm when you get out of bed, or look fantastic in front of your living room fireplace. Put in a child's room for a little bit of luxury. You can even use in a pets bed for that spoilt dog or cat.

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