Grain Buckets

Manufactured by B A Caulkett Limited

Product Buying Options

Product Capacity: 5 per week

Minimum Order Quantity: One

Additional Sales Information: All Grain Buckets are made to a customers exact specification so that they are perfectly suited to the loading shovel/telehandler being used and the application. Visit our factory and showroom and talk to our design team.

Product Description

Our Grain Buckets are available in two formats 

  • High Tip Grain Bucket
  • General Purpose Grain Bucket

Our Grain Buckets Feature:

  • High tip or standard bucket
  • Independent twin ram
  • Quick hitch or direct mount fitment
  • Bolt on reversible wear edge
  • Bolt on heel plates
  • Fitted with hydraulic cross line relief valve to protect the hydraulic system
  • Comes complete with all hoses and fittings

BA Caulkett high capacity Grain Buckets are designed for the bulk handling of  materials including grain, pellets and wood chip.

A benefit of the Grain Bucket is that larger volumes can be moved with minimum loss of grain. Where only grain is being transported BA Caulkett can design and manufacture these in a lightweight format which provides significant weight loss advantages.

Elements to consider when selecting your Grain bucket

  • Would you benefit from a Spill Guard. These can be designed into the bucket build  reducing the chance of grain spilling whilst in transit.
  • What Bucket Angle will provide you with maximum operating efficiency. By having a specific angle designed to suit your head stock this can maximise the crowd and dump potential of your machine
  • If you are looking for the floor length to be as short as possible would a curved side profile be beneficial. This design allows a level bucket fill whilst maximising the tear out force
  • Depending on your equipment a lightweight grain bucket might provide you with the volume capacity you require but at a fraction of the bucket weight


Manufacturer Profile

B A Caulkett Limited

Engineering / Heavy

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