Luma³ - Premium Oak

Manufactured by Mind Body Goals Ltd

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Product Description

✓ Learn and master four science based breathing techniques

  • Box breath mode
  • Triangle breath mode
  • 478 breath mode
  • Coherent breath mode​

✓ Form a healthy habit of taking regular short breaks

  • Hourglass mode sits with you while you work and nudges you once an hour to check-in and breathe

✓ Screen-free time away from your devices and pressures

  • No screens, accounts, logins or tracking
  • Just simple, beautiful pulses and waves of colour and light to guide you

✓ Improve the quality of your sleep with a relaxing ritual

  • Bedtime mode leads you through an extended breathing exercise
  • A slow colour fade gently eases you to sleep

✓ Practice the powerful art of mindfulness

  • Lightsand mode gives you a tactile focus for your attention
  • As you tip and sway Luma³ the light flows around inside

✓ Support young people's mental health and wellbeing

  • For every 10 sold, one goes free to a school college or university as part of the 10:1 Initiative 

✓ Caring for the environment

  • Luma³ comes in completely plastic free packaging and includes no single use plastics.
  • Each Luma³ is completely carbon neutral - we carefully calculate the carbon emissions of all production and materials and offset this through planting trees.

Manufacturer Profile

Mind Body Goals Ltd

Technology / Healthcare

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