Modular Belt Conveyor

Manufactured by Wrightfield Ltd

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Minimum Order Quantity: One

Additional Sales Information: All Modular Belt Conveyors are made to a customers exact specification so that they are perfectly suited to the products, throughput and handling method. Visit our factory and showroom and discuss with our design team call +44(0) 1379 872800

Product Description

The modular belt conveyor introduces a flexible conveying solution that can, due to the nature of the belt itself, convey products through inclined as well as horizontal and helical paths.

Much of the technology within modular conveyors has been thoroughly tested in numerous environments and is proven to provide a reliable and versatile solution

Space and loads permitting, 90°and 180° turns enable products to be conveyed on winding routes through production areas.

Typical Modular Conveyor Features

  • Lengths and widths available to suit all applications
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick belt replacement (ideal for critical production applications)
  • Clean in Place system (CIP) – essential for food applications
  • FDA approved materials – Hygienic design

 The advantages of Modular Belt Conveyors

One of the major advantages of modular belt conveyors is that they can move your product through inclines as well as round bends and corners. Combine this with the advantage of only requiring one drive unit and modular belt conveyors become a very cost effective solution.

Modular Belt Conveyors can withstand a temperature range from-50° C to 90° C ( if you require an operating temperature outside of these parameters please call our engineering team on 01379 872800). They will work perfectly in dry, damp or wet conditions and do not suffer from tracking problems. Modular Belts can be easily removed, this minimises the impact on production down time for maintenance or cleaning. Another advantage of modular belts is that they are particularly quiet in operation.

Modular belts are typically available in widths from 50mm up to 3 metres wide and lengths from 40mm up to 30 metres can be achieved. Designed and Manufactured in our Suffolk factory to each clients individual specifications. Options include

  • Fixed or Variable Speed
  • Flat or Inclined / Decline
  • Adjustable Side guides
  • Adjustable Height
  • Swan-Neck Applications
  • Wet or Dry Conditions
  • Hot or Cold Environment

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