NEW Cygnus Underwater Diver-Held Thickness Gauge

Manufactured by Cygnus Instruments Ltd

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Specifically designed for divers undertaking ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM) of underwater structures. The Cygnus Underwater diver-held ultrasonic thickness gauge has been built to withstand harsh subsea environments while providing quick and accurate metal thickness measurements through coatings or heavy corrosion. This diver-held thickness gauge is simple to operate using 3 function keys, an intuitive menu and a large LCD display – highly visible, even in low-visibility waters.

Key features of the NEW Cygnus Underwater diver held-gauge include:

  • 3 measuring modes for levels of corrosion, various materials and through-coat measurements
  • Depth sensor – live depth display providing the diver with an accurate depth indicator
  • Live A-Scans aid visual measurement verification
  • Extremely Simple-to-Use with 3 function keys and up to 4 screens
  • Comprehensive data-logging: linear and grid
  • Deep Coat function ignores thick coatings
  • RTC (Real Time Clock) for tagging date/time on measurement points
  • Auto-set Gain to optimise the probe’s gain settings for optimal performance
  • Multiple Echo Mode to verify accurate through-coat measurements as specified by Class Societies
  • Measurement Stability Indicator (MSI™) verifies stable and therefore reliable measurements
  • Available in STD, PLUS and PRO variants with upgradeable options, e.g. Topside Repeating and Data Logging.

Manufacturer Profile

Cygnus Instruments Ltd

Environment / Safety Equipment

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