Outdoor Environmental Noise Kit

Manufactured by Cirrus Research

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The Outdoor Environmental Noise Measurement Kit protects your Optimus+ Environmental Sound Level Meter with a weatherproof case and outdoor microphone. With the optional modem and GPS, you can download your measurements with a GPS location, as well as connect to the MyCirrus cloud for real-time alerts and notifications.

  • Weatherproof case and outdoor microphone
  • Optional modem and GPS
  • 12-day battery or mains supply
  • LAeq, Ln, LMax, LMin
  • Audio recording

Environmental conditions can significantly impact the accuracy of sound level measurements, particularly when conducting assessments in outdoor environments, so this is where an Outdoor Environmental Noise Kit can help you. The kit provides a fully weather-protected system for outdoor noise measurement to protect your sound level meter and microphone from harsh weather conditions, ensuring reliable and accurate readings in any environment for up to 1 week.

The Outdoor Environmental Noise Measurement Kit includes:
Your choice of Class 1 Optimus+ Environmental Sound Level Meter designed specifically for environmental noise measurement
A protective case to shield your equipment from rain, wind and other elements
A protective cover for the microphone, which reduces wind noise and other unwanted sounds
Your choice of batteries or an external power supply for operation over extended periods of time

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Cirrus Research

Environment / Safety Equipment

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