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Additional Sales Information: All Pallet Conveyors are made to a customers exact specification so that they are perfectly suited to the products, throughput and handling method Discuss with our design team call +44(0) 1379 872800 or Visit our factory and showroom

Product Description

Pallet Conveyors
Pallet conveyors are available in various roller diameters, conveyor widths and roller pitches to suit the throughputs and load requirements. When moving drums, bales, cages etc or large/heavy pallets, chain driven rollers and chain conveyors are often used.

Wrightfield supply a wide range of pallet conveyor products to create customised pallet handling systems. These are used for moving anything from empty single pallets up to pallets with 2 ton loads in simple transit or accumulation modes and can also be utilised for feeds to and from palletisers, wrappers, hooders, strappers, etc.

Reasons to use

  • Reduce forklift truck movements – by positioning pallets on the conveyor it provides a central location where pallets can be easily moved ( with or without forklift)
  • Instant improvements in health and safety as the pallets are at an easily accessible height and in a specific location
  • Reduce pallet transit costs through improved operational control
  • Providing constant pallet transit/feeds
  • Pallet accumulation possible
  • Most pallet/cage weight/sizes accommodated
  • Systems can be based on modular designs to provide a simple and cost effective scheme or alternatively, a bespoke solution can be proposed for applications such as handling non-standard pallets and cages or for harsh environments such as cold stores/outdoor use.

Systems can include:
A full range of powered roller and chain conveyors are available together with all necessary ancillary equipment such as weigh stations, scissor lifts, work stations etc and can handle product up to around 2000kgs or more, depending on the type and size of the load.

  • Accumulation Roller Conveyors
  • Pallet Dispensers/Stackers
  • Pick and Deposit (P & D) stations
  • Incline and Decline (Elevators & Lowerators)

Manufacturer Profile

Wrightfield Ltd

Engineering / Machinery

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