PVC Extrusions for Transport Sector

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Minimum Order Quantity: Minimum order quantities (MOQ) vary according to the profile, but usually start at around 3000-5000 metres. As the profiles are made to order we can cut to various lengths and supply in diffe

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Like in most business sectors, the plastics industry plays a huge role in the construction and maintenance of the transport networks. Our company can help with the design and manufacturing of PVC extrusions for a variety of applications in the transport sector, including the rail and aeronautical industries, such as glazing seals, plastic sheaths for signalling, power and earthing cables, conduits & trunking for telecom and data cables, rigid PVC drainage pipes, barriers and fence posts.

We enjoy the challenge of working with innovative and complex design as well as producing high-quality standard plastic extrusion profiles. Our services are offered to all customers who seek to optimise the development of new, standard or specialist extrusion product lines for this industry sector.

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We are experienced in the design and supply of extruded plastic channel profiles. White plastic profiles made from rigid PVC, such as self-adhesive mini-trunking, partition joints and division bars, angle profiles used for beading, corner covers, guards and protectors, capping and edging trims (J and C joints), H and T-sections, U-channels and plastic strapping are available in different sizes. Please see the photos below to view some of the standard extrusion products.

The accurate design, production and maintenance of tooling are vital to an efficient extrusion process and therefore to the quality of our customers’ products. Profile dies are wire eroded to ensure the highest-quality and specifications of the extrusions are achieved. Customer dies are made from high-grade chromium steel to preserve their longevity, and are retained exclusively for repeat orders.

If the PVC profile you require is not listed, we offer a bespoke plastic extrusion design service so please get in touch with us to see if we can help further.

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