Quantum Outdoor Cloud-connected Remote Outdoor Nosie Monitor

Manufactured by Cirrus Research

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The Quantum Outdoor noise monitor is a fully automated cloud-based environmental monitor ideally suited for long-term remote measurements of various environmental conditions.

  • Fully integrated cloud-based solution for environmental monitoring
  • Class 1 noise monitor to IEC 61672-1
  • View live data from multiple locations simultaneously
  • Real-time SMS and Email alerts and triggers with audio capture
  • 1/1 and 1/3 octave band
  • LAeq, LAFmax and Ln statistical noise parameters
  • Integration of environmental sensors, including weather, air quality and vibration

The Quantum Outdoor noise monitor is a powerful outdoor noise monitor with built-in cloud connectivity, ideal for long-term unattended noise monitoring applications. It offers a complete noise monitoring solution by offering all the benefits of remote 24/7 noise monitoring and seeing noise level data on the MyCirrus cloud platform anytime, anywhere. With the ability to trigger events and record audio, The Quantum Outdoor noise monitor can send alerts and notifications to users using various methods allowing you to take corrective action in real-time. Configurable in any way as standalone instruments or combinations, The Quantum Outdoor noise monitor can be powered by PoE, mains, solar or battery. The Quantum Outdoor noise monitor can work in any environment for any industry:
Unattended environmental noise measurements
Industrial noise monitoring
Construction and demolition site noise monitoring
Measurement of noise to meet standards such as BS 4142 and BS 5228
Outdoor music, sports, and entertainment monitoring

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Cirrus Research

Environment / Safety Equipment

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