T17XX Access Control Elegant Proximity Smart Card Reader

Manufactured by Tensor plc

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Additional Sales Information: The T17xx Access Control Smart Card Reader is a perfect companion to Tensor’s T8526 series of Intelligent IP Door Controllers and Tensor.NET software suite. To order, please contact enquiries@tensor.co.uk.

Product Description

The T17xx Elegant Smart Card Access Control Reader is a perfect companion to Tensor’s T8526 series of Intelligent IP Door Controllers and Tensor.NET software suite. The new T17xx reader is the solution of choice for both new & existing customer installations as it delivers a suite of multi-card format compatibility with extensive functionality and added customisation features. The T17xx reader can be utilised in virtually every environment within industry and commerce.

√ Complies with the latest EU Access Control Standard (IEC 60839-11-1:2013)
√ Market leading read range of up to 120mm
√ Can be used for Access Control, Time & Attendance and roll-call (IN, OUT & INVALID LEDs)
√ Weatherproof with a minimum rating of IP55 (IP65 also available)
√ End-to-end encryption across RS485 with Weigand option
√ Customisable colour options for casing & bespoke overlay options available making it ideal for
architects or installations where branding/aesthetics is important
√ Fully configurable backlight colour & audio control for each type of transaction (i.e. IN, OUT,
tamper, etc.)
√ Optical tamper with visual/audible tamper alert at reader option
√ Remote management including diagnostics & firmware flash upgrade tools
√ Multiple card formats available - EM, HID Prox™, MiFare & HID iClass™
√ Compact : Dimensions – 100mm x 46mm x 21.50mm

Compact, a very fast read time and supporting both surface and glass mounting, the new T17x reader has been specifically designed for installations where aesthetics are of paramount importance, but where security is vital. The reader is manufactured using high quality materials and incorporate three high intensity, adjustable brightness LEDs on the front panel with a number of further rear LEDs supporting many standard colours and a customisable colour palette; providing a unique & customisable lighting effect, ideal for further user feedback.

The T17xx Smart Card Reader also has extensive audio control and customisation options where the user is able to adjust the volume & frequency of the sound generated via the in-built speaker. Simple-to-use graphical software allows you to easily set these features dependant on the type of transaction or alert (e.g. access granted/denied, fire alarms activation, etc.).

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Tensor plc

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