Vehicle Noise Measurement Kit

Manufactured by Cirrus Research

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Our Vehicle Noise Measurement Kit includes everything you need to measure stationary vehicle noise, including your choice of Optimus+ Sound Level Meter, trigger button, and measurement template.

  • Includes everything needed to make hassle-free vehicle noise measurements
  • Choose from our range of Optimus+ Sound Level Meters
  • Distance template to easily position your microphone
  • Remote trigger button allows single-person operation
  • Undertake measurements to ISO 5130-2019

Designed to be used in workshops, garages and test laboratories alike, the Vehicle Noise Measurement Kit is a robust kit that is simple to operate whilst providing the measurements needed for stationary vehicle measurements of exhausts.

The kit uses your choice of Optimus+ Sound Level Meter and no matter which one you choose, the sound level meter measures all noise parameters simultaneously and then automatically calculates the average noise level from three readings. This is what is required to conform to vehicle noise regulations ISO 5130-2019 for the measurement of sound pressure level emitted by stationary road vehicles.

Vehicle Noise Measurement Kit includes a microphone extension cable and remote trigger button, this means vehicle exhaust noise measurement can be set up and operated by a sole person. The operator sits in the car, truck or other vehicle and controls the engine speed/revs whilst pressing the trigger button to start and stop each of the three measurements required.

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Cirrus Research

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