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THIS page will be updated regularly with new information from additional resources. We expect every member company to be affected in some way by the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and so we are gathering together in one place the official advice and information sources to assist our members and minimise the impact on lives and businesses.

Advice for manufacturers Advice for the public and businesses

Government reaches out to businesses looking to supply goods and services related to efforts to tackle coronavirus

Government releases specification for ventilator and respirator manufacture

Specification for ventilator manufacture

Specification for respirator manufacture

Member-generated COVID-19 news responses

Made in Britain seeks responses from members for press comment

UK government coronavirus advisory information

NHS coronavirus condition overview – UK

UK government COVID-19 guidance for employees, employers and businesses

World Health Organisation (WHO) coronavirus disease advice for the public

WHO coronavirus Q&A

WHO coronavirus overview

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Institute for Manufacturing - ways your business could help  
Made in Britain survey on coronavirus impacts  

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