Anatomic MTP Fusion Plates: Non-locking

Manufactured by Xtremity & Spinal Solutions Limited

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Additional Sales Information: Manufactured in Britain by Implants International Ltd. and marketed through Xtremity Solutions Ltd.

Product Description

We offer 3 lengths each of Ultra-Low Profile Anatomic Plates designed for dorsal placement. These are non-locking plates designed for use with our D-Tach™ screws.

We also offer 4 matching diameters (Ø14mm, Ø16mm, Ø18mm and Ø20mm) of Cannulated Hemispherical Cutters designed to create close-fitting hemispherical domes for the metatarsal head and base of Phalanx. 

Fixation is via the use of Ø2.7mm, Ø3mm or Ø2mm Weil D-Tach™ snap-off screws. The Ø3mm screws are designed for rescue or more demanding situations. These screws may require pre-drilling in hard bone with Ø1.5mm or Ø1.9mm dedicated drills. When a pilot hole is deemed necessary then, our drill jigs must be used. These are designed to locate within the screw holes in the plate. We strongly recommend that our drill jigs be used to pre-drill the bone, as free-hand drilling with Ø1.9 mm drills, will over-drill holes.

If the drill jig is not used, then free-hand drill with the Ø1.9mm drill provided. It is also possible to gently power-drive our D-Tach™  screws without pre-drilling the bone. However, if this method is preferred, it is prudent to leave the final torquing by hand after the detachable drives are gently detached, whilst holding the plate to prevent de-stabilising the construct.

We also offer a graduated plate bender for use with our Standard anatomic plates.

  • Standard Plates may be formed to suit the patient’s metatarsal. However, these Titanium plates MUST NOT be over-bent and corrected, as that will weaken these plates.
  • Max Plates are supplied pre-formed. These plates must not be manipulated or re-formed.
  • D-Tach™ screws may be advanced under power 95% of the way in, but final tightening MUST be undertaken using our dedicated drivers.

The Plate needs to be held securely in-situ prior to detaching the snap-off drive shafts of our D-Tach™  screws, once all of them have been tightened. Holding the plate will minimise the risk of destabilising the screw during the detaching of the drive tab.

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Xtremity & Spinal Solutions Limited

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